Inn Villamorosa

In the medieval village of Caprona, in the heart of Valgraziosa and in the shadow of the famous tower, in a nineteenth-century building, the Locanda Villamorosa is located. The structure, historical accommodation with ancient origins, has from the doors are not open even to those who wish to find again also in the kitchen the genuineness of the Tuscan tradition. The main hall, divided by elegant arches and beamed ceilings exposed, with its Venetian floors, immediately puts a every customer is at ease, comforted by an elegant yet familiar atmosphere.
The feeling is that of being at home, of a friend, who knows cook well, what more could you want?

To confirm an environment of great charm there is Luca, the chef, a precious keeper of wisdom Tuscan cuisine and noble interpreter of a tradition that has made its own trait its own distinctive in Italy and in the world. The menu reflects the expectations of the most authentic of palates Tuscan, with careful research on seasonality of products. You can find the layering of eggplant, with caper powder, tomato soup made as grandmothers teach, up to the inevitable tordello of Lucca

Do not forget the real gem of the Locanda: the cellar, an intimate space, softly lit, characterized by a vault of red bricks. This includes two private rooms, perfect for a tête-à-tête and a must try. Locanda Villamorosa is a welcoming eno-gastronomic refuge for all those who are looking for an intimate place designed for those who want to rediscover the authentic flavors of our land.